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Welcome to Venue3Two: Where Every Celebration is a Cause for Good

As a Michigan-based wedding photographer, every venue holds a special place in my heart. However, there’s one venue in the Grand Rapids area that not only captivates with its beauty but also warms the soul with its noble cause. Welcome to Venue3Two, a unique space in Kentwood where celebrations echo with purpose, and all net profits contribute to supporting local community organizations.

The Mansion

Remodeled Elegance of the 1925 Mansion

Step into the remodeled 1925 Mansion, where every corner exudes the charm of a bygone era. The carefully designed rooms cater to a variety of events, making it the perfect canvas for your celebration.

Gourmet Kitchen

Gather for a cooking class or wine tasting in the Gourmet Kitchen, setting the stage for delightful culinary experiences.

Formal Dining Room

Enjoy a relaxed meal or host a board meeting in the Formal Dining Room, a versatile space that adapts to your event’s needs.

Great Room & Bar Area

Whether it’s a shower or a dinner party, the Great Room & Bar Area adds a touch of sophistication to your intimate gatherings.

Patio & Courtyard

Celebrate your wedding reception or savor cocktails in the Patio & Courtyard, surrounded by the enchanting wooded and secluded setting.

Bridal Suite & Parlor

For the bride, the Bridal Suite & Parlor offer a haven to relax and get pampered, creating cherished moments before the big day.

Grooms Suite & Parlor

Perfect for all the pre-wedding rituals, the Grooms Suite & Parlor provide an ideal space for bowties, black socks, and sips of bourbon.

The Conservancy

Recent Addition for Grand Celebrations

The Conservatory, Venue3Two’s latest addition, boasts stunning architecture and spacious layout options, making it an ideal choice for large events and wedding receptions.

Plating Room

The Conservatory comes equipped with a Plating Room, ensuring seamless execution for culinary delights.

Killer Views

Experience breathtaking views that add an extra layer of magic to your special day.

For indoor seated receptions in the Conservatory, Venue3Two’s Reception packages cater to parties with a maximum of 200 people. The Mansion, on the other hand, provides hosting options for more intimate smaller events.

Cost and Services

To reserve your date at Venue3Two, a 50% deposit of the rental costs and a signed contract are required. The final payment is due one month prior to the event date, offering a convenient and transparent payment structure.


By opting for day-of-coordination, you unlock a range of services that ensure your day unfolds seamlessly.


Engage in a 6-Month Site Visit to create a framework aligning with your vision, and a 1-Month Final Walkthrough to finalize all details.

Vendor Coordination

Venue3Two takes care of introductions, confirms arrival times, and coordinates with all vendors to ensure your timeline is executed flawlessly.

Decor Management

From receiving and detailing your decor vision to executing it on the day, Venue3Two’s team ensures your event looks as enchanting as you imagined.

Ceremony Assistance

If you opt for a rehearsal, Venue3Two manages on-site rehearsals, guides the bridal party on ceremony details, and ensures a smooth run on the big day.

Event Completion

Post-event, the day-of-coordinator wraps up by checking out with vendors, handling tips distribution, and ensuring a seamless event tear-down.

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The History of Venue3Two

The property at the corner of Shaffer and 32nd Street holds a rich history, evolving from a cattle ranch to an equine therapy haven. Originally owned by the McFarlanes, the 1925 Mansion was built, and later, Leslie Tassell transformed it into a haven for show horses and exotic animals.

In 2016, Dwight and Karen Strayer discovered the property’s potential for equine therapy. They founded 3TwoRanch, a profit-for-non-profit organization supporting Equine Assisted Development (EAD). This noble cause guided the renovation of the property, eventually leading to the birth of Venue3Two.

Join Us in Making a Difference

Booking an event at Venue3Two is not just about celebrating love and joy; it’s about contributing to a greater cause. By choosing Venue3Two, you become a part of the mission to support local organizations that empower, heal, and assist our neighbors who have been rescued from trafficking, abused, neglected, or are underprivileged.

In the heart of Kentwood, Venue3Two stands as a testament to the transformative power of love, celebration, and community support. Step into a world where your special day becomes a force for good, creating memories that not only last a lifetime but also make a lasting impact on the community.

For every click of the camera, for every toast raised, Venue3Two echoes the sentiment – celebrate with purpose, and let love create a ripple of positive change. See why Aliscia Marie is the right photographer to bring along, or get in touch!

December 6, 2023

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