It means the world to me that you've decided to check out what I can do for you! I won't lie, when getting my Photojournalism degree, I had intended to become a photographer for publications like National Geographic. Then...I took my studio classes, and I was absolutely OBSESSED! Telling stories with photographs has always been my dream. To be able to photograph your day, and do it in an authentic, yet artistic way?!?! Literally a dream that I had never known could be real until it happened.

And that's what we're here to do...tell your story in a way that makes sense for you. If you love the idea of telling the story of your day and your love in a real and creative way, then we're going to be a FREAKING FANTASTIC fit!

I've been doing this for 15 years now, and I can't imagine doing anything else. Photographing you and your person literally fills my cup to the absolute brim, and I can't wait for what's in store for us all during this experience.

WHAT'S UP FRIEND? I'm Aliscia!

Wife, Believer
Dog Fanatic, Coffee Addict

here to listen and share your story

Meet My Sweet Little Family

Aaron and I were friends for almost 3 years before we started dating

To be honest, I had never thought of Aaron and I together until...well...it happened! We decided that we were adults, so we were going to date like adults and see what happened!

So after a year and a half of dating, Aaron proposed to me down on the Riverwalk in Detroit, we were married 10 months later, and we've been married for almost 10 years now! Our relationship was NOT what I expected, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

After a few years of being married, and finally moving into a place with a fenced-in yard, we picked out the cutest German Shepherd puppy to add to our family! I seriously don't know what I would do without Jax. He annoys the junk out of me sometimes, but dang. I wouldn't trade this dog and this family of mine for anything in the world!

There's something about capturing you right in this moment. The look on your face when he brushes the hair from your eyes. The butterflies in your stomach when she throws her head back and laughs her biggest laugh in your arms.

Let's make sure you feel ALL THE FEELINGS again whenever you look back on these photos!

Let's remember that you were once young and in love!



Outside of photography, I love going on hikes with my husband and doggo. We just moved to Grand Rapids back in 2022, so we love exploring new trails and seeing more of Lake Michigan. 

What do I do in my downtime you ask? Well, I'd like to say I read all of the books on my bookshelf, but...I'm the slowest reader in human history. Let's just say I didn't make even close to a dent in my 2022 reading list!

Like I said before, Aaron and I love traveling. Between the two of us, we've been to over 10 different countries. And we don't want to stop there! But we also love exploring more of the U.S too!  

That’s a little peek into my life and a few of my favorite things. No matter where we are, we’re all souls wandering this beautiful earth, with a different story to tell. No person is one and the same. And that’s why I LOVE documenting love stories (and hopefully yours too!)”

I'm a huge Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars nerd. I could watch these movies on repeat.



I've been married to the best husband in the world since 2013!

I have the cutest German Shepherd on the planet. Don't try and tell me otherwise. You won't convince me.

I was born in India, and then flown into GR & adopted at 5 months

Even though I'm a slower-than-slow reader, I love buying new books.

I will stop to pet dogs. Be warned.

I'm addicted to the Sweet, Spicy Chili Doritos...ya know, the purple bag.

I definitely drink more coffee than water.

I can have a whole conversation with memes.










First of all, I don't like to micro-manage. I may have a few poses here and there where I may need to do some adjusting, but that's not where I like to live. Movement is key. Movement shows life. This is how we get you to open up and have fun. And that can flow into some intimate, romantic moments. You're no longer worried. You're no longer overthinking. You're allowing yourself to melt into the moment. And that's what we're here for! 

Like I've said before, anyone can take a pretty picture. But my mission, my goal for you, is to create a space for you to open up, be vulnerable, love on each other. This is where we capture you and create some amazing pieces of art together. It's not me directing you. It's a collaboration of sorts. It's us together, bringing your vision to life. And maybe it's a vision you didn't know you had. And that's the beauty of this journey!

Your Trust in Me Means Everything

On March 18, 2008, life changed forever. When you lose someone so close to you, it makes you realize just how important having photos of them can be. I think this may have been the last photo I took with my mom. So I'm grateful to have it.

My mom was the queen of documenting life moments. She wasn't always in them with us, but I am grateful for the photos that live out there where we are together.

This is why I photograph your moments with your people. We need to have these memories to look back on. We need to have these memories to hold on tight to.



Lindsay S

Aliscia did a wonderful job photographing our wedding and engagement shoot! She is so professional and easy to work with, she made everything feel so comfortable. She rolled with all the punches we threw her way with the constant change of plans due to Covid. We couldn't be happier with the photos that we will cherish for a lifetime. 

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Let's talk about your experience

If you know me, you know that I'm a huge fan of love languages. I truly believe that the better understand how we give and receive love, the better our relationships can be. Two of mine are Quality Time and Acts of Service. I'm so freaking passionate about showing you and letting you know just how stinkin important you are to me. Your story matters, and I want to tell it in the best way we possibly can!

I'm not just your photographer. I'm your photographer who helps craft a day and experience for you that allows you to fully embrace the beautiful moments as they come.

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This is where the magic happens, so let's create some together!