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The connection. The happy tears streaming down your face. The wind in your hair. The stolen glances. The butterflies in your stomach when they touch you. These are the moments we crave as human beings. These are the connections we'll do anything for. And these are the moments that I can't freaking wait to capture for you. And if you can see you and your partner in that photo on the right, laughing together on your wedding day, then you're in the right place.

I'm not into the perfect. Life isn't perfect. I'm into creating ART from your most heartfelt moments that you're PROUD to hang in your home!! I'm into taking your most precious memories, and creating something that's not only beautiful, but allows you to relive these priceless moments in your life forever.

Remember: we're not creating cookie-cutter, picture-perfect poses. We're capturing raw, genuine moments.

Thank you for checking out my corner of the interwebs! I've had the privilege of photographing weddings & stories for the last 15 years. To be able to say this is my JOB? This is what I do for a living??? Holy freaking smokes! What an honor!

Getting the chance to create WITH you, to best TRUSTED and encouraged to be as creative as possible, to create art...there's nothing better. Because THIS is how we capture those beautiful moments together.

God, my family, my friends, my doggo...there's nothing more important to me in all the world. I wouldn't be who I am, or where I am, without every single one.


I'm Aliscia!

Hey Friend! I'm so freaking glad you're here!

Intimate, documentary and artful storytelling.

Wedding & Elopement Photographer
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Jack & Sam

What drew me immediately to Aliscia's portfolio was how her pictures looked like works of art. They looked like pictures you would find in a picture frame when you buy it. We expressed that to Aliscia, and she NAILED it!!

Aliscia and Aaron made having our picture taken fun! Nothing was ever forced or awkward or uncomfortable.

We had an absolute blast and will cherish our photos forever. My family and friend's even expressed to me how the pictures of our wedding day captured every minute so perfectly, and how they even captured mine and my husband's relationship so perfectly. That takes some serious skill in my opinion.





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This is for those intimate, exciting, REAL moments

The ones that make you sweat, give you goose bumps, make your heart pound right out of your chest

- this is what you've been waiting for...

Your Experience Begins Here

this once-in-a-lifetime kind of love -

The benefits of having me as your photographer show the MOST on your wedding day!

Trust me when I say, I have seen it before! No matter what happens on your wedding day, I've experienced it and will be there to fully support you! While there will be plenty of people trying to direct you, I'll be with you, making sure you soak up each and every moment with your love.

When you look back at your wedding photos years down the road, you'll see, and remember the way you FELT!

My goal as your photographer and your friend - give you the space to experience your day as it happens!

Amanda w

"When we look through our virtual albums we smile, laugh, cry and reminisce - there's nothing better than seeing a photo and being able to hear and feel that moment all over again - that's pretty darn awesome!

I recommend AMP to everyone, for any occasion - you will be so happy that you did!"



Whether you are photogenic or camera shy, type A or type B, extroverted or introverted, if quality photos and a fun, but professional experience, are what you're looking for, then you've found it my friend! I would be so stoked to help you experience and capture your Michigan wedding!

“In an extremely unprecedented circumstance, our original elopement plans had to be canceled 3 weeks before our original wedding date. We reached out to Aliscia in an absolute panic and she completely saved our elopement and made sure we didn't have to worry about a single thing. She absolutely made us, and our day, her number one priority. From forming and organizing a timeline of the day, to structuring family photos to be efficient, and to making sure everyone was included, she was on top of everything. She even made it a priority to get to know the names of our family members before our elopement and arrived early on the morning of our elopement to capture the little details of our day.”

Kaley K

This life we live...

it's worth remembering for the rest of our lives