Little Sable Lighthouse Beach Engagement

Couple snuggling in the grass together during their lighthouse beach engagement.

This playful beach engagement at Little Sable Lighthouse in Mears, Michigan was absolutely amazing! It was definitely different than the majority of my sessions because it was so stinkin cold! Literally 26 degrees out by the water. It was insane! But A & G freaking POWERED through and we had an absolute blast!

We started off at Little Sable Lighthouse because A & G have been so many days driving up to it and spending time there and along the beach. This place holds a special place in their hearts, and also their relationship. I love it when couples choose places that are meaningful to them, because the emotions are higher, and everyone is able to really truly be present and enjoy the moment.

So we spent a good half hour running along the beach and just enjoying having the entire space to ourselves! I’ve seen people out and about on Michigan beaches before during the winter, so I expected there to be other people walking along the beach. But there weren’t, we were the only ones out! It was definitely a nice change.

After spending a little bit out on the beach by the water, and then hanging out in the grass overlooking Lake Michigan, we decided to head over to A’s parents’ property and get some photos in another spot that has so much meaning to this amazing couple.

A & G walked me through the woods that A grew up running around and playing in. It was cool to see some spots that were meaningful to his life growing up. And then the outdoor pizza oven his dad had built. I mean, everything on the property was built by A’s family. And not only was the home he spent his childhood in, it was also where A proposed to G. These two seriously took the idea of meaningful locations to heart and it just made me so unbelievably happy.

I seriously can’t wait for their wedding day. I know it’s going to be so full of intention and love, and just joy for their lives together.

February 2, 2024

Aliscia Marie Photography

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