Ecola State Park Oregon Couple

Couple at Ecola State Park on the Oregon coast snuggle up as they watch the sunset.

This couple session at Ecola State Park in Oregon was absolutely perfect. We got a gorgeous sunset with the best view! This was my first time out to Oregon, and let me tell ya, it DID NOT disappoint!

As a Michigan wedding photographer, it’s always so much fun to be able to travel to other states and experience what they have to offer. I’ve always loved traveling. And any chance I can get to see the world, I’m going to absolutely take it!

We started off the evening at one of the main lookouts at Ecola State Park. The view of the Pacific ocean was absolutely breathtaking! I’ve seen the ocean before, but with the beaches and mountains right next door, it was perfect. The breeze coming off the water was a little bit chilly, but it made for some great moments that allowed Z and N to snuggle up together. And those are the moments that I seriously love. When you can see two people take care of each other, even in these small moments, it’s exactly why I love this job!

After we spent some time with the views of the ocean, we took a little walk down the park drive and into the forest. It’s interesting, you hear of Oregon greens being different than the Midwest, but you don’t really believe it until you see it!

After we spent some time in the trees, Z and N took a seat out in the grass and had the chance to really snuggle up together. And then it was down to the beach for some blue hour photos. Seeing the ocean and the mountains at night was truly an experience!

If you’re ever looking for a photographer who will go exploring new places with you, just let me know! I love being a Michigan wedding photographer, but there’s just so much beauty to be seen in this world that I just don’t want to miss out on!

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April 9, 2024

Aliscia Marie Photography

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