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bride holding her veil in the wind during bridal photos on the beach

Windy Bridal Photos at Oval Beach

These windy bridal photos at Oval Beach are seriously some of my absolute favorite photos I’ve ever taken!

Wedding couple poses outside Jam Handy in Detroit, Michigan.

Jam Handy Wedding Portraits

These Jam Handy wedding portraits with David and Layla were an absolute dream! If you’re wondering if Jam Handy is the right wedding venue?

Couple taking bridals at the sand dunes share an intimate moment together at sunset.

Bridals at the Sand Dunes

These summer bridals at the sand dunes are what my heart lives for every stinkin year! Which is funny, because I actually don’t like sand!

Silver Lake Sand Dunes Bridals Photos

Bridal Photos at Silver Lake Sand Dunes

If you’ve never thought about doing bridal photos at Silver Lake Sand Dunes, then I’m telling you now…think about it! This place is UNREAL!

Jam Handy Bridal Portraits

Being able to photograph wedding and bridal portraits at the Jam Handy wedding venue in Detroit, Michigan was an absolute dream!