Bridals at the Sand Dunes

Couple taking bridals at the sand dunes share an intimate moment together at sunset.

These summer bridals at the sand dunes are what my heart lives for every stinkin year! Which is funny, because I actually don’t like sand! If you’ve never been to the sand dunes though, you need to make the trip out there. It’s seriously like nothing you’ve seen in Michigan.

To be honest, I didn’t even know that these sand dunes were even here until about 4 years ago! I’ve lived in Michigan most of my life, but I honestly never believed that it had as many unique places as it does. And the sand dunes up in Mears is only the beginning of what this beautiful state has to offer!

Kirk and Krista were seriously so easy to work with. Not only are they already married, but Krista is actually a photographer herself. So she understands quite a bit about being in front of the camera. I won’t lie though, not all photographers are like that…because I’m one of those photographers that isn’t like that! But Krista, dang she slays! Working with her and her husband Kirk was just so much fun.

If you’ve ever thought about getting back into your wedding day attire, or even getting buying or renting a new dress, and getting photos taken again…I’m here to tell you to DO IT! I seriously don’t think you could ever regret it! And there are a few reasons why I think you should.

First reason I think you should get bridal photos taken is if you decided not to do a First Look at your wedding, and so you didn’t get a ton of couple’s photos together. Maybe this was something you planned, maybe it wasn’t! But either way, it’s a great way to get more portraits together!

Second reason for bridal portraits would be to just have more intimate time together either before or after your wedding day! So picture this with me: instead of waiting until your wedding day to see each other, maybe opt for doing a First Look the day before! It’s definitely more private, and gives you time to have photos done without having to worry about whether or not you’ll have the time on your actual wedding day.

Another popular reason for bridal portraits is, maybe you just don’t want to share that moment with other people. And that’s totally fine! Some people aren’t comfortable with the idea of showing those kinds of emotions in front of other people. So take away the distractions that come along with a wedding day, take away the possibility of people peeking into your private moment. Allow yourself to feel those emotions.

Last reason for today – take photos either the day after your wedding, or when you get back from your honeymoon for the same reason as the first. Maybe you decided no on a First Look. Maybe you just couldn’t make it work the day of. No matter what the reason, you still have the chance to take photos together after your wedding day!

No matter what your reason is, like I said before: you’re never going to regret getting back into your clothes and taking photos together. This is the love of your freaking life!!! Take ALL THE PHOTOS!

Photography: Aliscia Marie Photography
Dress: Daci Gowns
Florals: Made By Kate

April 5, 2023

Aliscia Marie Photography

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