Sunset Beach Proposal on Lake Michigan

When Anthony got ahold of me and told me his idea for a proposal to Bella at sunset at the beach on Lake Michigan, to say I was excited is an understatement. Back up to a few days earlier. I had messaged Bella asking if she and Anthony would be interested in doing a session on Lake Michigan with me. I hadn’t been to the beach yet for a single session, and with it being the Fall already, I didn’t want it to get past me! Thankfully, Bella and Anthony were on board with everything! Little did Bella know that Anthony had messaged me to start planning a few days later!

We really couldn’t have asked for a better evening out at the beach. It was a little bit busier than I had anticipated for a Sunday evening. But with it being one of the last warm evenings, it only made sense that everyone would want to be at the beach! But even with how many people were there, we were able to find a small secluded spot all for ourselves!

These two were down for literally whatever I had in mind. That’s honestly one of the BIGGEST compliments you can give to your photographer. Your trust. When you tell them you trust their vision and their process, it allows for us to slow down and get creative. For me, nothing kills my creativity more than feeling the need to rush. Which is also why I schedule sessions to be NO LESS than 2 hours! We all need time to get into the groove. You in front of the camera, and me behind! You need to get comfortable being in front of the camera and having me around. I need to get comfortable giving you direction and also watching you open up to me. Because that’s when I figure out exactly what we’re all looking for.

The evening ended with a sunset overlooking Lake Michigan, a picnic in the sand, and Anthony proposing to his dream girl. To have been there to document this…literally one of the biggest privileges. Whenever someone allows me into their lives to photograph something so special, it’s one of the highest honors. And watching it dawn on Bella that this was actually happening was so much fun to watch. Anthony and Bella are seriously two of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. And I couldn’t be any happier for them. Their relationship is a true picture of waiting and trusting in the Lord, and that’s an amazing thing to see. 

February 1, 2023

Aliscia Marie Photography

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