Addison Oaks Rochester Wedding

Bride and groom kiss at the end of their ceremony at Addison Oaks in Rochester Michigan.

Katie and Adam’s wedding at Addison Oaks in Rochester, Michigan was an absolute party! I could tell right from the moment I walked into the room with Katie, she was so stoked all of her favorite people were there to celebrate with her. And Katie was not only excited, she was freaking CALM! If she was nervous about anything, she didn’t show it.

You could not have asked for a more beautiful day to have a wedding. It may have rained on us during family portrait time, but Adam and Katie were both champs. They took their day in stride. They had the most perfect ceremony, they were married. That was what mattered the most to them. The rest of the night was for enjoying each other’s company and dancing the night away.

The reception was an incredibly important part of the day for these two, so you know we took A TON of photos during it! I honestly have never been to a wedding that had a FULL dance floor before! Katie, Adam and their guests showed up to have the best night! And it did not disappoint! So if you notice more than normal reception photos at the end, this is why! You can’t photograph and epic dance party and not show the world!

Venue: Addison Oaks
Photographer: Aliscia Marie Photography
Dress: Norah’s Bridal
Florist: Dynamic Flowers
Bakery: Holiday Market
DJ: David Dallas

December 6, 2022

Aliscia Marie Photography

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