Journeyman Distillery Engagement | Jack & Sam

Couple shares a drink together outside Journeyman Distillery during engagement session.

Jack and Sam’s Journeyman Distillery engagement session was an absolute dream. Not only did they put so much trust in me photograph their love for each other, but we had a blast together at the same time. After their tasting for their September wedding, we got to spend a little more time on the top floor of the distillery. Journeyman’s is natural, while being an elegant upscale experience at the same time. I cannot WAIT for their wedding!

When I asked Sam why she had booked me, her answer literally resonated with everything I’ve been trying to achieve as a photographer, while also trying to share that to the world. What she told me, and I’m paraphrasing here, was that my work looked like art. Like art they would want to hang in their home, which just made my heart absolutely SOAR! Because this is what I’ve been trying to portray, but honestly didn’t know how to put it into words.

I believe that when you look back at your photos, not only should you be transported back to those special moments in your life, but they should be BEAUTIFUL! You should want to show them off to the world. Because our memories aren’t meant to merely grow up to live on our hard drives or our phones. They should be shared with everyone that we invite into our homes.

After we spent some time inside Journeyman Distillery, we decided to head on outside and chat while Jack and Sam shared a drink together. It was a little cold and misty, but dang, these two were absolute CHAMPS! The fact that they’re also snazzy dressers was a plus as well!

After our time at Journeyman’s, we decided to head out to the lakeshore for a little bit of a different vibe. And let me tell ya, Jack and Sam looked like they were straight out of a romance novel! It was so much fun seeing them take in the scenery together, while also just enjoying time together, and being with each other. As a photographer, I really can’t ask for more than that. To give my couples an experience where they can feel free enough to open up and enjoy themselves and have fun‚Ķthere’s literally nothing like it.

Jack, Sam, I can’t freaking WAIT for your wedding day! We’re going to have a blast, and I know it’s going to be absolutely GORGEOUS! I can’t wait to turn your Journeyman Distillery engagement into your Journeyman Distillery WEDDING!!!!

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June 13, 2023

Aliscia Marie Photography

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