George George Memorial Park Family Session

I had the privilege of spending time with this beautiful family for a few hours.  Their son was a week shy of his FIRST birthday!  To say this family is special is an understatement.  I’ve known these sweet people since college, and let me tell you, they are some of the most genuine, amazing people you will ever meet.

When Molly asked me to do photos for them, I seriously couldn’t have been more excited.  Number 1:  Their son is ridiculously adorable!  Seriously, those eyes!  And number 2:  Grant and Molly are ridiculously funny!  It’s hard to think of another couple that loves each other so deeply, but also has so much fun together!  They are goofy. They are crazy.  And they are crazy about each other.  You seriously can’t ask for anything better than that.

Did I mention how stinkin cute Clive is?  Not going to lie, during a coffee date with Molly, this kid totally crawled across the table and just started teething on my chin.  I wasn’t entirely sure what to think about that! But with those eyes, you let him do whatever he wants!

Catching up with Grant and Molly was so great.  They are the same hilarious couple they have always been, just with a little more experience in the child department!

“My perspective on life has completely shifted. Grant and I have been gifted the role of parenting and guiding our child(ren) through life. This is the most important work. This is eternal. This is what counts. I remind myself of this when our daily routine can sometimes feel repetitive and mundane.”

And even though they now have the important task of raising Clive in this world, they haven’t forgotten each other.

“Without a strong marriage, we can’t be strong parents.”

As someone who doesn’t have children yet,  it’s an amazing thing to watch two people continue to love each other and put each other first, even though there’s a little one crawling around.  And it’s always encouraging to hear another woman be open and honest about what they’ve learned along the way.

“Remember who you are and whose you are. God has called you to motherhood. Trust his instruction. You deserve to feel celebrated so embrace it.”

Grant and Molly, I seriously can’t think of any other couple that is like you.  You continually show others Christ through you. And you’re amazing parents to Clive.  I love you both and am thrilled that I got to play a small part in cementing these memories for you.

November 21, 2018

Aliscia Marie Photography

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